25 Apr 2017
Raking out and re-pointing the failed mortar on the ridge tiles and chimney stack flaunch using new mortar plus installation of new black UPVC square line guttering, brackets, unions and outlet.
30 Mar 2017
Re-pointing the failed mortar on the chimney stack flaunch, water table coping stones lifted, re-bedded & pointed and EPDM rubber roof completed with new white UPVC fascias & trims plus new black UPVC square line guttering, outlet, stop ends, corner union joint & brackets. Installation of polyethylene vapour barrier, 18mm OSB roof board and repairs [...]
04 Feb 2017
Outlet, gulley & flat roof clearance followed by repairs to the gulley & upstand. When this GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester) gulley was installed no glassfibre chopped strand netting was used to reinforce the polyester where the gulley meets the upstands at the parapet wall. Consequently without this reinforcement the polyester has failed and along with [...]
30 Jan 2017

Repairs to the perished bitumen under felt using vapour permeable breathable membrane pitched roof underlay & eaves felt support trays. Sealing the chase on the porch roof & the lead flashings on the chimney stack. Bedding & pointing new ridge & hip tiles.